Methods/Erection/Temporary works

In parallel with our services in the field of structural studies during service life, we do as well offer our clients verification studies of structures during assembly / construction phases, and structural calculations on the dimensioning of any special temporary equipment related to those critical phases of construction.

The assembly / construction phases are often the ones where disruptions, more or less important, may take place. Therefore, the studies on the dimensioning and the structural verifications of those stages must be carried out with special care and rigorous attention to detail.

– Calculations and verifications during incremental launching of bridges
– Dimensioning of temporary trestlework / load-bearing towers
– Temporary load-bearing towers formed of stacks of steel beams, with one layer perpendicularly mounted on top of the other, like a Jenga Tower!
– Checks during crane lifts and operations
– Checks of the structure (capacity and deformation) during operations of in-situ fitting different blocks / pieces together
– Etc….

Incremental bridge launching


Crane lifting


Temporary propping/waler beams